Reach Out; Touch Faith

The Flying Squirrels on Fire Cabal:

Reverend Jesus "H" Christ, Catholic Bastard & Keeper of the Sacred Chao (Episkopos)

Minister Snark Apparition: Holy Man, Shit Head (Order of the Greasy Spoon)

Doctor Oddball Malodorous (Professor of Undocumented Prophecies)

Minister Ignacio Khan the Flatulent (Knight of the 5-Sided Temple)

Sister Roxy "Kitsbane" Merkimer (Heckhound; Scraps Disposal)

Chaplin Frank Otter (LT, 5th Bacchus Brigade; Bit of a Cunt)

Rabbi Antfarm the Blurry (Order of the Greasy Spoon)

Reverend Ned the Vapid (Fucker of the Golden Apple)