June 25

Half Christmas

The halfway point between Christmases.

Thank Blake (Blake Anderson,) Adam (Adam DeVine) and Ders (Anders Holm). A day that was born out of their desire to celebrate the halfway point to Christmas on June 25, Half-Christmas is a holiday worth celebrating because it speaks to not only the joy of anticipation but the importance of proper work-life balance.

When the Workaholics boys ask their boss Alice (Maribeth Monroe) for time off to celebrate Half-Christmas, what began as some light-hearted holiday spirit soon became a lesson in the collective organizing, with the entire office going on strike — resulting in two paid vacation days for all employees and an annual Half-Christmas party, something that deserves all your holiday cheer. So break out your ugly Christmas sweaters and whip up some “keg nog” because Half-Christmas is here and nobody disses Half-Christmas.