Partners in Crime

Loveshade's Name Generator (for new Discordians)

SORPOEE (Reddit Discordians)

Principia Discordia (Old Cranky Discordians)

Freedom Cult (Mercantile Discordians)

Aktion 23 (Deutsche Diskordians)

Black Iron Prison (Angry Discordians)

Hyperdiscordia (DaDaDiscordians)

Ek-sen-trik-kuh Discordia (Controversial Hippie Discordians)

Church of the Subgenius (Capitalist Discordians)

Arcane Bullshit Tarot (Discordians in Spirit)

DISLIB (Discordian Librarians)

The Semi-Official Quasi-Clandestine Bavarian Illuminati/Discordian Archives (Ancient Discordians)

Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster (Discordians with Pirate Hats)

Suspended Annihilation (Discordian Koans)

The Aerican Empire (Where the Hoopiest of Froods live)

Rational Wiki (What the Deviants Think)

Wikipedia (What the Cabbages Think)

Socialist Rifle Association (Arm Your Friends: Each One, Teach One)

Fallen Heroes